Lash Extensions

Stay flawless all day with lash extensions

With a wide variety of colors, widths and lengths there is something for every taste.  Get lash extensions for your wedding day and forget worrying about mascara running or fading on your most important day!  The best part of lash extensions is feeling confident about leaving the house with little to no makeup at all. 





Flirty Weekend Eyes

25 lashes applied to each eye. Designed to give added length to your natural lashes. This look lasts for approximately a week.



Full-set Mascara Look

60 extensions individually applied to each eye.

Our most requested service.




40 lashes per eye: $65

60+ lashes per eye: $85

$1 charge for each additional lash


Lash Maintenance

Natural lashes grow in and fall out in different stages making your extensions fall out too. Due to different growth cycles and lifestyles, the best estimate is that you will lose between 1-4 lashes per day – including lashes with extensions. This is why we recommend clients come in every 2 to 3 weeks to replace those that have fallen out to maintain a full look.

  • Be gentle with your lashes – do not pick or pull at the extensions. The lashes have a natural curl at the ends, so there is no need to use an eyelash curler which can damage the extensions.
  • Avoid the eye lash area when showering and keep your eyes away from any type of heavy water pressure.
  • Please only use oil-free makeup removers/cleansers to remove any makeup. NO waterproof mascara or removers are allowed.
  • Mascara is not necessary with your beautiful new lashes. If you do decide to apply mascara keep it on the tips only. Do not apply mascara near the base of the lash.
  • Do not go into the sauna or steam room frequently. The heat may cause the bonds in the adhesive to weaken and the extensions to come off prematurely.